Monday, 18 October 2010

Should I buy some Jodhpurs in Jodhpur?

I am here today reporting from Jodhpur and it is a relief to be out of Delhi. Never again will I go to that place.

Since my last post I left Shimla and travelled back to Delhi. This trip included my first sleeper train. I am in second class which means that I have to share a room of four, basically 2 bunk beds. They are pretty cool actually and the rocking motion of the train makes it feel like you are in a cot. Just need someone to sing 'rock-a-by-baby' to me.
The trip would've been fine if it wasn't for me sharing with a family of 4 that were sharing 3 beds. The little lad who was with them was a right spoilt little sh*t and needed a good clip around the earhole. I have noticed that sons in India are treated like demi-gods and it goes right to their heads.
Anyway, I got back to Delhi at 6:30am and had to get a rickshaw from the station to my Inn. Delhi station is in Old Delhi, a part I hadn't yet visited. It was horrible, real slums and cripples everywhere.
The local barber business was based on a wall. No lie, there were 2 chairs on a ledge, a mirror hanging on the brick wall and the barber's bed next to them - that was his whole life. I do not care what people in England say, they are not skint, not by a long shot.
I spent the rest of the day hanging out at the Inn as my train the Jodhpur was later that evening.
My next sleeper journey was sweet. Train left at 20:45pm and arrived at Jodhpur at 8am. There were only 2 of us sharing the 4 berth and I am pleased to say that I slept from 11pm until 7am. Feeling bang on it today.

My accomodation in Jodhpur is the best yet. The building is really cool and the rooftop restaurant has a magnificent view of the Meherangarh Fort. I had breakfast up there with a Dutch father and daughter (Paul and Sonna) and they filled me in on what to do around here. Thanks to them I will be going to a hotel that will let me use their swimming pool tomorrow for a small charge, it is hot hot hot here.
The fort was amazing and the view from the top over the blue city were cool. There was audio tour as well which was very informative. (Geek alert!)
For Kim Matts - I saw eagles too!!!

After the fort I took a walk down to Jaswant Thanda, a temple set in lovely green gardens in the middle of what seems like barren desert. There I ran into John and Mel, a kiwi couple I met in Delhi and we are meeting up for a beer or 2 tonight so that should be good.

It all got a bit strange on the way back down from the fort. I said hello to a man siting outside his gaff and before I knew it he was giving me a tour of his place. It was small but very nice and I can now say that I have been into one of the blue houses of the blue city. (the blue wash helps to keep the buildings cool).
A little further down some boys made me play cricket with them. They kept reminding me that India is the number 1 ranked cricket team in the world and England number 4 - I showed them that we can still play.

That is about it so far for Jodhpur. I go onto Jaisalmer tomorrow evening and camel safaris in the desert so that should be an experience.
I will check in again soon. A'ight.

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