Monday, 11 October 2010

Commonwealth Games = attack of the giant insects!


So I have much to update you on since my last post.

Firstly, I forogt to mention an event that took place on the plane journey from England to Dubai. I managed to fall asleep which never happens for me on planes and the out of the 200 or so passengers on baord the stewardess managed to find me and drop her tray of water right on my head as she passed! Quite a shock. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I was soaked. Still, I got some champagne out of it, which was nice, but not at 3am! Thought the lads would like that story.

Back to Delhi.

I have found a new love for Delhi; the reason: they appreciate great hair! That's right, I have been receiving compliments on my do, from blokes, but they all count. I told you all it was good!

First thing in the morning yesterday I was asking for some directions and got taken to the India Tourist Office. Straight away, the sales pitch began. As I had not really seen much of the city I took them up on their offer of a driver for the day to take me around all of the sites, as well as pick up my Games tickets and drop me at the stadium. For $20 (can't find the pound sign) I thought that was a bargain.
Whilst I waited for the driver to come they presented me with a cup of chai (my first in India) even though I had kindly refused one. One smell of it and the film forming on top told me that I wouldn't like it but out of politeness I took a few sips. Yuk. The bloke behind the desk told me it had some sort of relaxant in it and that it was good for me - straight away I was anything but relaxed!
The driver still hadn't showed up when Mustafa (another employee of the Tourist office) came to sit with me. He asks me about my future plans, so I tell him of my proposed route around India, which he tells me are rubbish (of course they are sunshine) and he can suggest the following, to which he writes out an entire day by day plan.

When the driver turns up it transpires I now have only half a day with him and I will be back at the tourist office for the hard sell at approximately 3pm.
As I leave I got a bit of a funny look for leaving my chai, I gave them one back because my politeness had given me a burnt tongue!!

Manuch was my driver, 26, from north India and a nice lad.
First stop was to pick up my tickets - which was painful. To cut it short, after 3 different stops we finally got them.
Next we went to Humayun's tomb. To be honest, my fee for the day was worth this place alone. The tomb was a precursor to the Taj-Mahal and was seriously impressive. The ruins set around it were like something out of the jungle book. I wanted to slip into my red pants and jump around like Mowgli with King Louis. All of the birds of prey swooping down from the air added an aura to it as well.

After that we went to the Lotus temple, named so because it is built in the style of a Lotus flower.
Then, I was set up by my boy Manuch. He was clearly the Pinnochio to the 2 evil Geppetto puppet masters back at the Tourist office. I was taken to a market where you are escorted through one part, sent through a door to another escort and so on. To get out alive I just bought this hand carved elephant for a approx $2 and was told it would bring me luck. Who would've thought it would work immediately?

Next stop was India Gate which was really impressive too. Imagine the Arc de Triumph or Brandenberg Gate but bigger and in a nicer setting. Manuch dropped me off here and told me he was going off for his lunch and would be back on 30-45 mins.
All I thought was, 'this is my chance'. I knew the next stop after India Gate would be 'the hard sell' and I just couldn't be bothered with it all, so I used this stop to make my escape. I sent Manuch a text telling him that I would not be back.
India Gate was really nice. It had a lot of water around it which the Indians were playing in so I took a nice place in the shade and had a rest with my feet in the water - lovely!

Fortunately, India Gate was also relatively near to the stadium for the Games so I took a slow walk down in the late afternoon.
Walking towards the entrance I popped to the loo, I am only telling you this because when you stand next to a soldier with a rifle as big as your leg it is funny how it has the same affect on you as exposing yourself to the freezing cold! I imagine if I was an American it would have the exact opposite affect.

Finally get into the stadium to be told by a lot of men with guns that I cannot take my bag in as it is a security risk. This blog is called '4 words - I am Adam Lambert'. I entered the stadium with my bag, I need say no more.

The athletics was great. I ended up sitting next to a mature (well in their 50's) English couple who now live in India. You could tell they were living a very comfortable life out here. They were really nice and I am meeting them again tonight to watch the final night of athletics. It turns out that the woman used to live on Kennington Rd (that's right Gabs) right next to my old flat and walked the same route to the City as I did. Small small world.
Later on in the evening as it got dark, the insects attacked. They were obviously hanging around floodlights but kept dropping from a great height onto us all. I am not joikng when I say one as big as my hand dropped onto the lap of the bloke in front. He screamed and jumped so high he could have won gold in the pole vault with out any assistance - it was hillarious. Throughout the evening I had about 3 grasshoppers land on me - yes I did jump (well I looked more like MJ pulling a cool move) but no screaming.

My top 3 moments of the Games were as follows - in reverse order:
3) Ladies discus final - a girl from Jersey was obviously at the biggest night of her life. Her 3 throws in the final were: 1) Discus into the net, 2) no throw, 3) Discus into the net. Out! I couldn't help but snigger a little.

2) Men 3000m Steeplechase final - the 3 Kenyan winners began there lap of honour and nearly caught up one of the blokes still trying to finish

1) 10000m final - right in front of us was a table of bottled water for the runners. The 2 Indian stewards obviously did something wrong and the whole lot fell off and rolled around the track. The best bit was that the bottles had no tops on them. Ha ha!

Got the Metro home and got out at New Delhi station. Wow, what a place. It stinks, there is dog muck inside, people (and children) sleeping there, blokes passed out on the roads outide, it is crazy.
Can't wait to try and catch my train on time, from the right platform (there are about 20) at 5:30am tomorrow.

I will let you know how it goes

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  1. Looks like you're really soaking it all up! (Not just talking about the entire tray of water either!)

    We never doubted your curls would get world fame.