Saturday, 16 October 2010

My best night so far

So the night that never should have been in Shimla turned out to be the best so far in India.
Once I found a new place to stay I went to the internet cafe to catch up on the footy. There I met Dr Jatin Arora, the psychiatric doctor for Shimla.
After talking for a while he asked me if I was single. When I told him I was he explained how he could get me 50 Indian women to choose from for a wife. He is single as well and took me through the various Indian dating websites (which are actually matrimony websites).
After an hour of that he took me to a local underground bar that he likes to hang out at. Myself, the good Dr and about 5 other Indian blokes then proceeded to get on it. Amongst the various conversation they taught me a few swear words and were really impressed when I came out with a very crude Hindi saying that I learnt at school. Even people from the other side of the bar got up to see if it was me, a white boy, that had just said it. It was a top night and they insisted at the end that we then take a walk to the main square to take photos.

I am now about to go and catch my train (I have the right day today).

Oh, had my first Skype coversation with mum and dad today. Ha ha, they are funny. Waving like lunatics.

Will next be reporting from Jodhpur. Ciao for now


  1. hahahahahahaha.... Bairn Chowd - has to be! x

    Did you choose yourself a wife?

  2. Salla pudi ........

    Works every time!

    No wife Greenall, there weren't any that were my cup of chai!