Friday, 15 October 2010

I really should pay more attention


Tonight is my last night in Shimla. I actually thought it was last night but once I walked the 2 miles to the train station the afternoon and then decided to check my ticket I realised I had it wrong. No worries, just a 2 mile hike back up the hill to the town and find another room.
The bonus of me messing up was that I met Christopher at the station. He is from Calcutta, we got talking and I now have someone to show me around once I get there in mid-November. Every cloud....

Since my last post I have generally been relaxing up in the mountains. Yesterday afternoon after the Monkey Temple I visited the Viceroy Lodge, which was built for the British Raj and they actually ran India from there during the summer months. Quite odd seeing a Scottish looking stately home / castle in these hills. I paid to go on a tour of the place, I was the only white person as you would expect and centre of attention. The tour was great - I am not joking when I say it consisted of one hallway and 3 rooms! Still the tour only cost about 80p.
There were some major historical artifacts in there though. One was a table where the first draft of the agreement to split India and Pakistan was discussed. The table has a partition running down the middle to symbolise this.
Ghandi also visited the place as did many other Indian leaders.

Apart from that, not been up to much else. Indian TV is good, they show inappropiate movies at all times of the day. I watched 'Don't be a menace.......' at 8am this morning in bed - the lads will appreciate this.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. My train leave Shimla at 17:40pm and gets into Kalka at 22:20pm. Train from Kalka to Delhi is then 23:45pm - 4:30am, nice. Can't wait for that.
Still, off to Jodhpur, the blue city, on that evening so all good.

Bye for now.

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