Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I survived the day of rapture

So I am happy to say that all of us non-believers are still here and that we are not doomed to walk for the rest of eternity as zombies on the face of the earth.
For those of you who were not aware of it, May 21st was the day of rapture and at 6pm local time a huge earthquake was supposed to start making its way around the world beginning in New Zealand. The only people to be given salvation would be those who believed in the almighty and would ascend to heaven whilst all of us fellow heathens would be left here and turn to zombies or something like that and would be doomed.
Of course this is all bullsh*t like the whole of religion is, fairy tales and scary stories to keep people in their place.
Apparently the guy who predicted has now said that he got it wrong and was 5 months out so beware of October 21st later this year!
If we survive that, then next we have the Mayan calendar that predicts that armageddon will be upon us on Dec 21st 2012, the day when we will have a planetary alignment within the solar system. I do believe that this could have some sort of effect on us (I have no idea what and I talking very minimal) but apocolypse it will not be.

So, my advice is let's continue to sin as much as we can before our impending doom.

With this is mind, what sinful activities have I been up to since I last updated you all?
Well not a lot actually, in fact I have been quite sensible in that I have gotten myself a job, and a serious one at that. How boring!
Yes, I am disappointed with myself at having done this, and I feel like I am letting myself down as I told myself that this trip would be endless fun and the jobs that I got should be exciting and random, but so often reality has a way of getting one over on us.
What I have to keep telling myself is that I do need a reality check ie. I have no more money and if I want to keep up my travels then I need to settle down and do this.
I have managed to attain a role as the Reporting Specialist within the Strategy and Planning Dept of Medibank, one of Australia's leading health / medical insurance providers. Just reading that back makes me want to slit my wrists, but do you know what? They are paying me more than I was on in London, it is only a 6mth contract and it will allow me to save a good amount of money to keep on travelling longer than I initially planned; so it isn't all bad. The only potential hiccup is that they have mentioned offering me a sponsorship after the 6 months has expired. Essentially, this means that I could stay in Australia and get my passport, an opportunity which I would have to think very seriously about because I could see myself living here.
However, it is all hypothetical at the minute so let's start the job and get some dollar in the sky rocket.
Afterall, I may be working in an office again, but it is in a new city, in a new country and I am on the other side of the world, so it is still an adventure to be experienced to the fullest.

Melbourne also gives me access to the ski fields of Australia which I fully intend to exploit over the coming winter months.

Now that I have some financial stability I have begun my search for a place to live. The last you knew I was staying with my friend's Josie and Cossie. After hanging out there for about 5 weeks (enough for anyone to put up with me) I was offered a new refuge living with Natalie, one of Nadia's workmates. I have to say that I like hanging out at Nat's gaff; it is a sweet pad, the conversation can be really random and funny (which I love) and to add to that the views out of the windows are really nice - relative wilderness (required when you are not working). Just this morning I stood there watching 2 rabbits running around and jumping over each other on the grass. Even Nat would admit though that her place to just too far out of central Melbourne. On the train it takes about an hour to get into the City, too far for me as I need to be living in the thick of it.

Josie and Cossie - thanks so much again for giving me a bed and some work as well. You really saved my ass and I am so so grateful.

I have been viewing flatshares in the St Kilda area of Melbourne. St Kilda is traveller central, hooker central, the nightlife is buzzing, the live music scene is good, it is by the ocean, there are lots of open spaces and palm trees (I like palm trees) and it is a 20 - 30 minute tram ride into the City.
So far I have been to look at 6 places and I have found the one that I want, I just have to hope that the girl I would be sharing with liked me and thinks she would be able to live with me. The place immediately felt homely and location is perfect, so fingers crossed, I will find out at the weekend.
Some of the other places that I saw were pretty ropey and in one of them my bedroom would've looked down onto a hooker hang out area where the curb-crawler traffic can get quite busy in the night. That might be entertaining at first but I am sure that after a while it would p*ss me off.

I went to view a room last night that was out of this world. It was located on the 14th floor of this uber-modern appartment block and the balcony and the bedroom had fantastic views out over the city skyline. As it was after dark, it just added to the image.
Living there would also give me access to the block's 2 private swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), tennis court and gymnasium; and the rent was very reasonable as well.
If the appartment was facing the other way (over the bay) it would be a very tough decision to turn it down, but here is why I did turn it down:
1) I walked into the appartment to be given a tour by Gordon (current tenant who will is going back to the UK next week) and all that was in the front room was 1 sofa and a grand piano! I asked who the paino belonged to and Gordon replied that it was his. Obviously you do not see a piano up on the 14th floor of an appartment block often so I couldn't resist asking him to play for me. So there I was looking out over the skyline of Melbourne listening to my own little concert pianist tapping away on the keys. Surreal, would be the word.
Still, there was the issue of why there was only 1 sofa and a paino (which would soon be leaving with Gordon) in the front room.
It turns out that the other flatmate, who is rarely there, has deemed that front rooms should not contain a TV, or any other way to socialise it seems. I do not mind if there isn't a TV in the front room, but there should at least be enough furniture in the place to sit down and have a chat, or have guests over.
2) As I said, the other flat mate is rarely there and can just turn up at any time of the night after being missing for a few days. Apparently if asked what his movements may be over the next week, that is an invasion of his privacy and he gets moody. Seems like a dick!
3) I was shown around this other flatmates room and the first thing I saw was a carrier bag full of used tissues next to his laptop. Now we all do it, it's natural, but you have to tidy up after yourself!
4) Most importantly, the flat had no soul, no life to it. I would end up living there, most of the time on my own, passing my flatmate in the night. That isn't for me, no matter how wonderful it was.

So hopefully I will find the right place soon and then the next mission is to find a football team, so I have some lads to hang out with.

Just a random thing. I was on the train the other day and I overheard a conversation between 2 teenage lads and a girl:
Girl - "Yeah, your boobs get bigger when you are pregnant"
Boy - "Really? Well I am going to get a girl pregnant then, enjoy her titties and the 2 weeks before she gives birth I will tell her it isn't working out"

I love the youth of today!!!

So what else have I been up to? I guess just the usual stuff, drinking and socialising and visiting the odd attraction, like wildlife parks.
One great thing from the wildlife park I went to was that they had a reptile touch and feel session for the kids (and me). Can you imagine my reaction when I got to stroke a lizard and the handler announced that it is commonly nicknamed a double-ender?
I looked around for someone to share my laughter with and saw one guy trying to cover his mouth so his wife couldn't see.
Another great feature was the huge bouncy area where you could jump up and down on a combination of bouncy-castle / trampoline thing to be a kangaroo. It was great fun jumping hard so that little kids and a 50-something year old old man kept falling over on it.
Karma did get me back though when I was trying to put my shoes back on and someone jumped near to me catapulting me forward, off of the side into the wet sand with just my socks on.

It seems my drinking has been getting a little crazy though and potentially could get me into trouble. For example, a few weeks ago I attended Arancha's art exhibition and the wine was free. I do not need to tell you that I got stuck into it, someone had to drink it.
By early evening, (the exhibition started at 4pm) myself and a few others were well on our way. During this time, of which I have no recollection and was only informed of it the next day and I still do not believe it was me that said it, was chatting to one of Arancha's teacher colleagues, then asked her if she fancied getting it on, she told me she had a boyfriend (who was there), so I asked her if she fancied a threesome!! WTF?
Mum - I am not proud of myself and this does not sound like something I would say, but who knows? Ha ha.
More distressing, I do not know if I meant a threesome with her bloke or some other girl (I hope it was another girl)

Apart from this the only other things that I have done is attend the Melbourne Arts Festival and viewed some great pieces of art for sale and been to the Melbourne Museum. Dinosaur bones, watched a 3D cinema piece on the how the earth was formed and viewed lots of stuffed animals from around the world. I know, I know, not full on adventures but there has been a recent scientific report published that claims attending the theatre, creating art and visiting museums can actually reduce anxiety and stress (not that I am suffering in any way), so it's all good.
With that I will bid you all a fond farewell. Normal life is what lies ahead for me over the coming months, although I still want to get to Indonesia soon, and the lads trip in November is taking shape. We have decided on which camper van we will take up the east coast to celebrate my 32nd birthday, so I look forward to my reunion with Bert and Lats with great anticipation.
Hopefully my next post will be a little more exciting, although I cannot promise anything, but I will do my best.


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